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Patterns of literature citation by undergraduate students and researchers in the veterinary field. Russell M.

Skeptical Journal Club: How To Read A Medical Study

Mendoza G. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Es esencial para reactivar el sistema de evaluación de revistas de salud mexicanas. Las revistas médicas de México deben ser publicadas en español y en inglés y en formato electrónico, para facilitar la difusión de la investigación llevada a cabo en México. También es deseable un índice mexicano de citación y medición. Problems faced by editors of biomedical journals in Mexico Issue: 40 1 February Abstract Spanish Las dificultades en la edición de revistas médicas en México se deben principalmente a la formación profesional inadecuada, los problemas en el flujo de trabajo editorial, la falta de reconocimiento y los incentivos limitados.

Keywords Medical editors , editorial process , education , research. Full text Download as PDF. Related Articles Development of open access medical journals in Russia: encountered problems and the example of the Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research Where can early career researchers learn how to peer review a scientific paper? It presents a methodology for the teaching-learning process of historical personalities and emphasizes its didactic considerations for the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills and the formation of correct behavioral modes in students.

The results obtained were satisfactory and are disclosed in symposia, events and congresses. TITLE: Pedagogic model of the formation of professional competences from the integrative main discipline of Accounting and Finances career. ABSTRACT: The paper addresses the development of a pedagogical model of the training of professional competences from the integrative main discipline of the Accounting and Finance career.


It is taken as a way, considering that responds to the logic of the profession, and integrates the contents essentials of the curriculum disciplines. They confer singularity to the proposed pedagogical model: the system of professional competences of the graduate in Accounting and Finance, and the levels of training of those competences from the integrative main discipline, and the dynamics of the project as a form of organization that is introduced in the discipline. TITLE: Tasks type centered in the lexicon in function of the development of the communicative competence.

The achievement of an efficient communication depends, to a great extent, on the personal development of the bachelor and its active insertion in society, since the development of the personality is mediated by activity and communication. In the article, research results related to the subject are socialized and a system of typical tasks is proposed to favor communicative competence, which is characterized by being dynamic, flexible and creative, focused on the treatment of the lexicon, while assuming the function of the lexicon as a dynamic content of intralinguistic, extralinguistic and intercompetence relationships.

Case study at the Center for Scientific and Technological Studies no. The population studied was constituted by students enrolled in the period August-December, "A" of both sexes, whose ages ranged between 15 and 22 years. A qualitative-descriptive methodology was applied with the application of research instruments. TITLE: Emotional education in the subject of physical education: critical analysis of the positive or negative value of emotions. ABSTRACT: The theory of subjective well-being classifies emotions into positive and negative, which has served as a basis for the study of emotions in physical education, in order to guide the pedagogical practice towards the integral development of the human being.

These educational approaches are analyzed from a historical-cultural approach, arguing the problem of reducing the educational value of emotions to a psychological only level, because it would not contribute to the comprehensive training of students. It is concluded that in school education, as in that of teachers, it is necessary to contribute to the development or transformation of emotional patterns that generate negative consequences on a personal and social level. TITLE: The development of the oral language of the children of the grade preescolar of the rural area.

ABSTRACT: The present investigation pursues as fundamental objective the design of an educational strategy to develop the oral language of children of the preschool level in the rural area. The main results are specified in an educational strategy, based on an integrating model of the family, community and school context to develop the oral language of children. It is considered novel by the way of conceiving the development of oral language from the contradiction between the level of development of passive and active vocabulary, which acquires different connotation in the child, family, community and school context, proving its effectiveness in educational practice.

ABSTRACT: The learning of another language must be practical and useful at the same time, associated with events of daily life, as we do when we learn the mother tongue in the early stages of life.

Bibliometric analysis of scientific output on influenza in Mexico, 2000-2012

In order to determine the effectiveness of the application of the "Basic Context English" technique to develop the oral expression skill in the English language in the first year of basic education, a pre-experimental research was developed in a group of students from basic education with which the "Basic Context English" technique was implemented. ABSTRACT: Pre-university education in Cuba has the responsibility of developing a formative process in which the multiplicity of factors and educational agents are integrated in its projection to enable the mastery of knowledge, know-how and empower a know-how, which in turn, it is determined by the formation of a set of personality qualities.

As a result of the changes introduced, one of the current challenges is to achieve an evaluation process that allows teachers and managers to detect in students the achievements and shortcomings in aspects related to their intelligence, feelings, attitudes and values. TITLE: Strategies of educational prevention to counteract social problems at risk within high school. In the present research, we will present some problems existing within a secondary school and the strategies that were implemented to reduce crime rates and dropout rates, among others.

We will focus on the student and the surrounding environment, the learning environments and the positive relationship of implementing an educational prevention strategy in the reduction of social problems within the school. In doing so, habits, practices and relationships are presented in the context of higher education.

Familiar and academic contexts that show daily practices of study are addressed. The purpose is to approach autonomous learning through study strategies used by students. The methodology is qualitative with a biographical approach. Biographemas and focus groups were used. In family contexts, learning conditions are evident such as: silence, music and time organization. In the academic contexts, individual and social strategies are described.

The study concludes with the presence of tensions between daily practices of study and autonomous learning, and the importance of the individual and social construction of knowledge. This should guide the tasks that are carried out in the different levels of direction of the methodological work; the diagnosis of the current state of the training process of the professional allows to reveal insufficiencies in the tasks that are planned in the methodological and educational strategies.

For this, the Main Strategy is redesigned and the relationship between the components of the training process is consolidated in the methodological strategies of the different levels of methodological work and the educational ones of the academic year. Different research methods were applied: the analysis-synthesis, the modeling, the interview and other techniques that allowed its validation in practice.

TITLE: Historical study of the labor-research component from the teaching-learning process of chemistry for the career of Agronomic Engineering. ABSTRACT: In the present article a historical study of the labor-research component is carried out from the teaching-learning process of the chemistry for the career of Agronomic Engineering. This historical study made it possible to identify and understand the causes of the current inadequacies, in order to resume the positive aspects and avoid reiterating in the mistakes. As main conclusions, it is emphasized that the discipline of chemistry tribute to the training of professionals of the agricultural sector from the logic of the discipline and the logic of the profession; although there are still insufficiencies in the foundation of the relations between the labor and research components to help solve professional problems.

Challenges from University Pedagogy.

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In this sense, the trend scenario reveals the heterogeneous and complex of the current university world, which can not be separated from the challenges inherent in the knowledge society, the ideals and realities of teaching and learning, nor from the perspectives of contemporary higher education. Problems and challenges around the university, society and the teaching-learning process are analyzed in depth. Contributions for its pedagogical-didactic understanding. His approach starts from the phenomenological analysis of this process, offers a description of the elements that compose it in the pedagogical-didactic relation and proposes a conceptualization of the educational event as an encounter.

This study aims, through a hermeneutical methodology, to expose the starting point and importance of this fact, analyzes its definition and the elements proposed by the author and shows its originality. In particular, the revaluation of the perfective nature of education is highlighted, a proposal that is topped by the recognition of the fundamental pedagogical-didactic aspects from a broad and dynamic approach that considers the purpose of the educational event.

TITLE : The theoretical method of activity structural analysis: an alternative for curricular design. Vygotsky, A.

Journal of Applied Research and Technology

Leontiev and followers to Higher Education. This allows, starting from the analysis of the structure of human activity, to establish invariable regularities that offer a very valuable methodology of work for the curricular field. The content focuses on two doctoral researches tutored by the main author of this article that show the procedure and results of the construction of postgraduate programs for the pedagogical preparation of the university teacher in one case, and in another, for English language professionals in service.

The main objective was to know the impact generated by the EDMODO educational platform on students, as well as the importance of managing school activities within said platform. For the collection of information, a questionnaire consisting of 16 variables was applied to a sample of 67 students who attended the second year in the school period of January-June ; likewise, the information collected was processed in the statistical program SPSS version 19, obtaining as a result contingency tables to then present the data with their graphic references. TITLE : Audiovisual presentations in the classroom: didactic resource for the transmission of knowledge.

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The methodology used qualitative and descriptive has been based on the story and life stories of the students. The results indicate a positive pedagogical view of the slides to encourage meaningful learning. It is concluded that it is a support that motivates the students in a visual way, although they are also critical of the treatment carried out by the teacher.

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This question establishes the purpose of characterizing the use of these technologies in this field. The methodology developed through the phenomenological and statistical methods. Among the main findings are: that teachers use ICT in the motivation of classes, introduction and development of content. All teachers have received some type of training, although they consider they are not prepared, which restricts the use of the Internet.

TITLE: Attention to a crossroad: information literacy and the university as intelligent organization. ABSTRACT: Universities must, by their very nature, be organizations capable of continually learning to assume the internal dynamics and their environment, while at the same time successfully achieving the fulfillment of their substantive functions. The present work has as objective to base that for the effective performance of the universities as intelligent organizations, it is necessary that they are literate in information.

This article reflects on the problems and challenges of financing higher education institutions HEI , both public and private, from a bibliographic review and from the experience of the authors on the subject. It analyzes how the financing of higher education has behaved and what has been its impact on HEIs. The most significant alternatives are presented to alleviate the budget deficit, according to the methods and techniques of modern management in higher education. The bachelors perform this evaluation, if they pass it they can apply for a career in different Institutions of Higher Education.

Since then, it has been increasingly difficult to enter these types of organizations. ABSTRACT: This article is based on a study about the current situation of the students of the second semester of the career of Social Communication of the Technical University of Babahoyo UTB -Extension Quevedo, Los Ríos Province, Ecuador, regarding the manifestations of disorders in the articulation of sounds of the language such as functional dyslalia and learning difficulties such as dyslexia, considering the influence of these difficulties on the integral formation of the professional.

From this analysis, recommendations for attention to communicative diversity are provided once this problem is raised in teachers and students. ABSTRACT: The optimization of resources focuses on efficiency and effectiveness to achieve significant objectives, using the least amount of resources available. In the Intercultural and Bilingual Educational District 10D01 of Imbabura, Ibarra, the functions for the control of each administrative unit have not yet been designed.

This limits structuring responsibilities and causes duplicity in the work and carelessness in the position performed by some employees, a situation that prevents achieving institutional success. This study presents partial results of the diagnosis of the level of knowledge about optimization of resources in this institution. ABSTRACT: Training in university legislation of the academic directors of the institutions of higher education is a necessity for the knowledge of the regulations of the regulatory bodies of higher education and for the continuous improvement of the management of the university processes.

A strategy is proposed for the improvement of the training of executives of Ecuadorian universities in matters of legislation. The strategy is based on pedagogical and didactic philosophical principles to eliminate the inadequacies in the legal training of these managers. ABSTRACT: This paper reviews and relates the entrepreneurship capacities of the students of Higher Education, taking a theoretical tour of what is called an entrepreneur, analyzing to what extent having the simple desire contributes to consolidate this entrepreneurial spirit.